“Aliana is honestly the best vocal coach I have had in my years of vocal training. I have been to many coaches, some have been over priced, too strict and confusing… the list goes on and on. Aliana caters her lessons to the individual. I have worked with coaches in the past that work with specific CDs and specific regiments but I found I was struggling because I was trying to force myself into this little box. What I love about Aliana is that she comes up with specific exercises for MY voice. She can make proper adjustments to my voice on the spot and I am always leaving our lessons feeling like a better and more knowledgeable singer. She is very patient and kind making me feel comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend Aliana to all singers! Beginner, intermediate and advanced singers grow and flourish with Aliana.

Liz Bills (Feb. 2017)
Berklee College of Music 2012
American Idol finalist 2013

“Aliana provides a friendly and very welcoming environment. Especially for me who has never had a singing lesson before, she made me feel so comfortable. I am an actor, and as an actor I wanted to develop my voice as it is essential to actor’s craft. We started with many fun exercises honing in on my natural speaking voice which developed into my singing voice thanks to Aliana and her training, I noticed great results within only a few lessons! I highly recommend Aliana as a voice teacher, she provides such positive reinforcement that will only excel you toward your vocal goals.”

Josh P. (Jan. 2017)

“Aliana provides amazing vocal instruction for all ages. Me and my daughter have improved our voices in just a few lessons. She is very well trained and has the operatic voice of an angel! Her knowledge of vocal skills and exercises to improve the voice are extensive.”

Laura G. (Jan. 2017)

“My daughter has been taking vocal lessons with Aliana for 4 years. She teaches her technique, performance skills and helps her prepare for auditions. Aliana is patient and supportive. She is a professional and loves what she does.”

Corrine S. (Jan. 2017)

“Aliana is an excellent voice teacher. She is very creative and very knowledgeable on the subject of voice. She has a way of bringing out the best in your voice!”

Ann H. (Jan. 2017)

“My 12 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Aliana for 3 years now. She has been taught all the correct techniques. She has been challenged but never pushed beyond her abilities given her age. Aliana keeps lessons fun with just the right amount of criticism to get the most out of her students. We would recommend Aliana to singers of all ages and abilities.”

Julie M. (Jan. 2017)

“Our daughter was interested in voice lessons and when we first met with Aliana we knew immediately she was the right choice. Friendly professional, extremely talented in voice, tone, tempo, expression, motivation and professionalism. In addition to her excellent lessons and mentoring she works hard at developing strengths and identifying areas that need improvement. Aliana also gets her students involved in public performances to develop their talent and self esteem.”

Len E. (Jan. 2017)